Laid Off!!!

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Hmm…Laid off, Pissed off, “NOT in control of MY money!”

It seems bad now, but it’s going to get a lot worse. Job layoffs! Every day, more and more people are getting their pink slips. So, what can you do about it?
First, accept the fact that you LOST YOUR JOB. That being said, you have little control of your future. Accept that YOU ARE PISSED OFF! If you aren’t, then you probably have a bank account in Switzerland that nobody else knows about.


What money? Well…YOUR 401K MONEY!

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Do you really think your old boss cares about your 401K retirement account? Who is watching your old account? Who is making sure that your investments are in the best companies or products? Nobody! ROLLOVER YOUR OLD 401K AS SOON AS POSSIBLE……..

You need to make sure you are in the right investments…


It should NOT cost you anything to rollover your 401K, so start taking steps to gain control over your life. Rollover your 401K, look for a new job, realize that you have finally started to take steps to control your life.

You may be LAID OFF and PISSED OFF, but you will have control of your money! ROLLOVER YOUR 401K TODAY and take control of your money….and your future……


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What Goes Up…But Does Not Come Down?


                      BUT DOES NOT COME DOWN?


Call me a pessimist, but I believe that the economy is going to have a HUGE correction.  Folks, in my opinion, whatever money you have sitting in stocks or mutual funds, will DRASTICALLY BE REDUCED!  Right now, if you own stocks or mutual funds, you are at risk of losing your money!


1)  What if I told you that you could invest your money and keep 100% of the profits?  Sounds great!  But you would assume 100% of the losses!

This is an example of a mutual fund.




Here is the part that you will want to read twice.


2)  What if I told you that you could invest your money and keep 97% of your profits and NEVER LOSE YOUR MONEY?


There is an Annuity that does EXACTLY that!  It actually  locks in your profits and you will NEVER lose any of your money!  In other words, your worst day is your best day!


What you NEED is an Annuity that locks in your HIGHEST DAILEY ACCOUNT VALUE!  On the days your account goes UP, it will be locked in at the new HIGH.  Now, remember your HIGH is now your new low. Fantastic!!


This Annuity is GREAT for:






Your investments continue to grow without the risk of a loss.

I am aware of only one Insurance Company that offers this Annuity.


When you invest in this Annuity….



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…a New Year rolls in, are you ready?

 Well,   HAPPY NEW YEAR ! !

What the new year 2016 really means to you!   It’s a code of 20 and 16 …….

RIGHT NOW, I will give you a little memory trick that you will remember for the entire year.

If you are younger, with children, you will need to make sure that your spouse and children are financially secure in the event that you pass away.

How much income will you need?  Part 1 of the code is 20. 

If you are a young adult with spouse and children, you need Life Insurance equal to approximately 20 times your annual income.

So, if you make $50,000 a year you need A MINIMUM of $1,000,000 of Life Insurance.

Part 2 of the code is 16. You need to SAVE at least 16% of your take home pay. Suppose your GROSS pay is $1200 and after they take out taxes, your net pay is around $900. You need to save 16%, or $144 of your pay.

In future articles, I will cover how to safely invest your 16%, but for now, as you begin the New Year, remember 2016 has a whole new meaning.                

Happy 20 – 16


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Secrets…the little known things about your 401K

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A Little Known Secret About Your 401K


Many of my friends are in the Gas and Oil Industry. When times were good, they were very good. But now, times are NOT so good. Many are no longer employed and are searching for another position.  So, what do they all have in common?  Answer, a 401K — that can be rolled over into another account.  I have told my friends that this one decision may be critical to their future. You need to take control of your financial future, especially if you are no longer working for the same employer.

Think about it — your money may be laying dormant in some account.  You don’t know who is managing it (I bet nobody is even looking at it).  I was surprised to discover that many of my friends didn’t even know what they were invested in.  Besides searching for a new career, you need to gain control of your investments  (401K) and roll it over. By rolling over your 401K — YOU can choose how you want your money invested (aggressive or passive, international or US, stocks, bonds, money market). Let’s face it, you probably know more about what’s on TV this week than you know about who’s handling your 401K. Take control of your money as soon as possible and roll your money OUT of where your former Employer stuck it and into an investment that YOU choose for YOUR future because, after all, it’s YOUR money.

It is SO SIMPLE!  1) Contact a knowledgeable ADVISOR.  2) Have your advisor help you fill out the paperwork to roll over your 401K.   It’s VERY simple and it should NOT COST YOU ANYTHING. Your 401K should NOT be a secret to you anymore.  Take an interest in rolling over your 401K and your financial future will be under your control.



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